Friday, June 22, 2007

Friday Update: This and That

Girded my loins, as it were, and took Baboo back to the hospital for her "control" this morning as ordered. Walked into the waiting area for the People's Surgical Consulting Office and EVERY brown pleather seat was filled with sad kids with broken arms and their resigned parents. This was at 7:55 a.m.

Turned around and walked two doors down the hall to the Private Practice Surgical Consulting Office. Instead of awful brown pleather chairs, there were cheerful green modern ones. Three patients ahead of us. Sat down and was called within 10 minutes.

I hadn't been inside the other office (see photo in previous entry) but this was a totally normal, cheerful little suite. Explained to the good doctor (a very cool, grey haired woman) that I don't speak Slovak, and she laughed because she doesn't speak English, but I had the typed report from the last visit, and I explained I was here for a control, and her nurse said to me "swimmen?" in German, and I said, "YES, PLEASE!" back.

So now they cut off the old cast and washed her hand and replaced it with a snazzy red one that can tolerate the pool and the tub and life. She was thrilled. Hurray for British friend who tipped me off about the Private Practice Surgical Consulting Office in the first place! For she's a jolly good fellow . . .

Oh, and the whole thing cost me $35. Cast, doctor's time . . . the whole thing.

The only catch now is that they said to come back in three weeks (which is what the other guy said Monday . . . basically a week ago . . .) and then said they would be on holiday then, so I should just go back to the People's Office. I don't want to sit there all day to have a cast removed, so I may have to explore other options. Will keep you posted.

In other news, while we were at the French School Fun Day last night, we had one hell of a rain/wind storm. I collected THREE large grocery bags of pinecones from the back yard this morning. Pani Babka said our big pine tree was swaying like a metronome. Yikes.

Odd observations in the Old Town this week:

* The women in burqas posing for photos in front of the Roland Fountain. I just wonder how they will know who was who when they look at their photo albums later?
* That same day I saw a man with a wizard's cape. It's pushing 100F and this free spirit has a black cape with a purple lining. Oh, and a Bluetooth on his ear.


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