Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Gauntlet Has Been Thrown Down

Oh, the Internet is a mighty small place, my friends. Do they honestly think I will never see this? In fairness, I see the majority of the posters coming to my defense. And, in truth, any publicity is good publicity, right?

But brace yourselves for the truth, Faithful Readers: I know who you are AND when you read my blog . . . heh heh. No. Really. I do. I have a statistics counting program, and it tells me where my traffic comes from. Sometimes I can tell by looking at the ISP who the guest was. I can certainly say that this Slovensko forum has sent a LOT of traffic my way. And that's a nice thing.

Speaking of funny things on the Internet, this is a current favorite of mine. These images are so weird, but some of them made me laugh out loud.

On a different and less hostile subject, I have a slight cold. Not enough to keep my from my normal activities (I did go swim with Canadian Friend today, although I probably only did 40 laps to her 64), but just enough to impart a wonderful, sexy, cigarette-and-whiskey quality to my voice. Think Lauren Bacall, please, not Selma Diamond. I'm sorry I can't keep it like this. I'm not quite up to Bacall's method of going out on the MGM back lot to shout while Louis B. Mayer's wife sat with a book to ensure she did it (if my memory of Bacall's autobiography serves me). But it's nice while it lasts.

Call me.


Blogger The Expatresse said...

I forgot to mention that I have 25 kilos of potatoes sitting in my foyer. Do you have any idea how heavy 25 kilos of potaotes are? Want some?

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