Monday, February 07, 2005


Depressed, mostly. My canaries have been dropping like flies, which isn't so unusual, but 2 of them died in the past month or so. Then yesterday my singing boy, who peeps at me when I approach the cage, apparently got stuck in the water dish while trying to splash around. I found him shortly after breakfast, dead as a mackerel. Needless to say, I sort of freaked out. I had just fed him and he was fine. I go to take a shower instead of finishing my coffee at the breakfast table (where I would have heard the struggle), and he's pining for the fjords. Had to spend a good portion of the afternoon in the bathroom with the water running as I tried to get over it. I know it's a dumb bird and not my kid washed away by a tsunami or something, but I was apparently having a weak moment. I also realized how often I go into the dining room to see him. Or did.

On a brighter note, London was nice. We flew on Easy Jet which is one of those discount airlines. So the flight to London was cheaper than the train into town from the airport. I had us in a cheap hotel which, thankfully, was just fine and not musty or anything. We arrived Tuesday late afternoon, got to the hotel, and I went foraging for food . . . Baboo was dragged along, but she wasn't at all hungry, so I got some take out gourmet thing where they can microwave it there for you. Alas, there was a bookstore across street from hotel, so luggage weighed considerably more leaving than arriving.

Wednesday morning we did the Tower of London which is very cool . . . saw the crown jewels and where Walter Raleigh was kept and the ravens and all the other neat stuff . . . Henry VIII's armor when he was young and fit and then when he was old and fat. Had lunch at the cafe there.

After lunch we went to Shakespeare's Globe Theater which is totally rebuilt and not even on the same site. AND it was only recently finished. Did not know that. Kid was fried, and said after she wanted to go back to hotel (it was about 3:00), so I said sure and then we can have a rest and go out for something to eat later . . . No, she says, I'm tired. I want to stay in the hotel. So we stopped at PrĂȘt a Manger (have you been to one in NYC yet? Very good sandwiches) and went back to hotel and watched Weakest Link and read our books.

Thursday we went to Westminster Abbey in the morning to see Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots . . . then went to British Museum for lunch and Rosetta Stone and mummy exhibit. Saw a cool 3D movie there about mummies. The place was swamped with school children, all running around completing worksheets, so I asked and got the museum's worksheets which were in color and even more fun to fill out.

Met friend at Waterloo station and went with him to his house . . . this was Richard of the couple we went to Scotland with. Spent Thursday night and Friday night hanging out with my buddy Carla and their kids (their little boy is my godson and he sure is cute!). Drank a lot of wine and coffee. Sat. morning left their place early, took endless train to London, then tube to other train station (dragging book filled suitcase), then another train to Luton airport . . . which included shuttle bus from train station to airport . . . whew! Flew back to Bratislavia (as they announced it in the airport) where The Spouse met us and off we went to a Slovak wedding!

Yesterday was another kid birthday party and Bird Death. Today is Festival of Laundry and Provisioning.


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