Thursday, August 31, 2006

Some Thoughts on LR

I was discussing the naked children phenomenon with a friend and we got onto those cool fountains that shoot water in carefully programmed patterns. I was reminded how when we were in Ohio, LR (my dad) wanted to take the girls to a nearby mall that has one of those cool fountains. Kids are encouraged to play in it (but, being Ohio, they come in swimwear).

Alas, that day there was a concert scheduled and the stage was built over the fountain area. So we went to Cheesecake Factory instead and had margaritas with an extra shot of tequila on the side which we split and added to our already lethal mixtures. I had never thought of that! I guess the frightening thing is how impressed I am by the idea. We Rosenthals do like to drink. This is the same man who can do remarkable things with gin that I cannot duplicate.

On this same visit he gave me a rather touching gift, too. He had been dancing around for a long time about my mailing address because he had something for me. I duly sent the address, but no treat in the mailbox and, frankly, I sort of forgot about it except he would ask for my address again from time to time. I was at a loss as to what it could be, but figured something arty or ceramic . . . he has a ceramic platter I told him I was putting my name on the back of . . . it is called something like The Revenge of the Birds and the Fishes, and it has cats being chased by birds and fish . . . it's very cool and I love it. I have two coffee cups and a plate by the same artist, but my plate isn't nearly as good.

But I digress. While we were visiting he also kept teasing me about having this gift out in the garage somewhere . . . gee, wonder if I can find it before you leave . . . I made an effort to look/remind him once and he shooed me into the house with an "all in good time" sort of grin. The night before I left, he comes out with this ball glove. The back story on this is that when we were kids, he used to play catch with my brothers in the back yard. He has always been a big baseball fan, but never a significant baseball player probably because he had polio in his arm as a kid.

Anyhow, I used to grouse that maybe I wouldn't throw like a girl if someone ever spent any time playing catch with ME. Not that I aspired to the Major Leagues or anything, but it was the 1970s and we were all into Title 9 and equal opportunity on the playing field and all. Being a lefty, I also couldn't just pick up my brothers' gloves and shove them out of the way. Anyhow, he gave me a left-handed glove, a baseball, and a kid's mitt. Made me cry.


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