Monday, February 28, 2005

I'm Pretty Sure This Qualifies Me as a BAD MOM

Last week Skittles got up in the night and said she had an ear ache.

This was a first. We have never had ear issues with the girls and I know nothing about it. Not sure *I* have even had an ear ache.

I give her some kid pain killer. She has no fever. But I have had a cold, so I wonder if it might just be sinuses. I heat the rice sock in the microwave and give her that to put on her head. She goes back to sleep.

In the morning, she says it still hurts. A little. She is acting just fine, but I'm afraid to send her to school.

The dog goes outside for his morning barkfest. He's about 14 now.

When he comes in, he looks wrong. Sort of hunched up. His tail is sad.

I was planning to go to the vet this morning to get him more of his Low Fart Dog Food. Since he is so old (but otherwise in excellent health), Ron and I decide he ought to stop in with us for a once over.

So the girls and I go to the vet with the dog.

While we are there, I ask Dr. Dagmar, if she would mind looking in Skittles' ear. Skittles is horrified. Baboo is thrilled. Dr. Dagmar says, "Why not!?" So she gets out her ear gadget and we all look in Isabel's ears. Then we look in my ears. Then we look in Baboo's ears. Then Dr. Dagmar looks in Skittles' ears.

She thinks the one in question is slightly red.

"Does it merit a trip to the pediatrician?" I ask.

"If she was my child, I'd say no," says Dr. Dagmar. She has a daughter. "Just keep an eye on her."

So we did. Nothing more came of it.

Was it wrong to take my kid to the vet? The Spouse was sort of taken aback.


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