Friday, March 11, 2005

One of the things I miss about living in my own country, and did not realize I miss, is the ability to understand people, especially Really Crazy People, in public.

When I do overhear English here, especially from Americans, it just sounds really loud and usually inane. In fairness, I probably sound loud and inane too.

And I'm sure the Slovaks have crazy people. But Bratislava is too small for me to spend a lot of time on public transportation, which is one of the best places for Crazy People Spotting. I can't even think of regular crazies in town, unless you count the Magazine Guy, who walks around in the Old Town selling magazines. He announces himself with a really drone-y voice. I'm not sure what he is saying. Possibly "Nota Bene" which is the name of the magazine he is usually hawking. But he's not even crazy.

Did see an interesting peeing incident today. Mother aiming small boy at tree in the Main Square. Trousers to his knees. Little bare butt. Which would not even be remarkable except there is SNOW on the ground and the Slovaks generally think anyone drinking a cold beverage in winter or going out without a scarf is asking to die a painful death of the flux or worse.

Chocolate shop today featured a Waitress of Color. I have no idea where she is from or what her native language is. Certainly not English or Slovak. Thought it was pretty progressive of them. But she is attractive, so perhaps is there merely to draw customers?


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